Tolteq iAZG NXT Azimuthal Gamma Module

Improved well placement by using a real-time, cost-effective, probe add-on to the Tolteq MWD platform.


NOV’s Tolteq™ iSeries NXT Azimuthal Gamma-ray probe enables more accurate geosteering with its ability to measure gamma measurements around the wellbore and provide deeper understanding of the position of the wellbore within the target zone while drilling.

The iAZG-NXT module accurately measures the natural gamma-ray of the formation in 16 sectors around the wellbore while rotating the drillstring. Using the fast-pulsing capability of the Tolteq NXT pulsers, up to four sectors can be transmitted to surface in real-time at the same frequency as conventional bulk gamma-ray measurements are provided by standard MWD systems today.

Proven for 10 years on the BlackStar MWD platform, the azimuthal gamma-ray technology has been developed and adapted for the Tolteq MWD platform. The iAZG-NXT module is an integrated addon to the existing Tolteq MWD platform, replacing or supplementing the conventional iRGM Gamma-ray module.


  • Cost-effective improvement of well placement
  • Lithology identification
  • Azimuthal outputs available in real time
    • Bulk Gamma-ray
    • Gamma Up/Down
    • 4 configurable quadrants
    • 16 sectors
  • 16-sector image logged in memory and viewable in Tool Tracker
  • RPM computation available in real time
  • Operational time and environment history recorded in internal memory*
  • Advanced internal logging*
  • Legacy and SureMate™ compatible

*Requires Tool Tracker software to download

  • Tolteq iSeries NXT Azimuthal Gamma ray iAZG Spec Sheet

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