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Tolteq iSeries Directional Module

Accurate directional logging for a variety of downhole parameters.
Tool render of a Tolteq iSeries Directional Module on a white background.
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The Tolteq™ iSeries directional module (iDM) offers extensive logging capabilities and data analysis through the Tool Tracker™ software. The iDM provides accurate data on parameters such as inclination, azimuth, and revolutions per minute (RPM), and a team of experienced technical experts stands ready to assist. The iDM’s compact design gives it improved resistance to the harsh effects of shock and vibration, and the tool typically surpasses 9,000 hours of working time.


  • Operational time and environment history recorded in internal memory*
  • On-board rotation detection
  • Shock, vibration, and RPM pulsed to surface in real time
  • Addition of new rotation sequence
  • Advanced internal logging*
  • Internal current usage logged to memory*
  • Smart power management—efficient battery switching and logging of voltage and current
  • Fluxgate magnetometers
  • Quartz-flexure accelerometers
  • Legacy compatible
  • Enhanced circuit protection
  • Calibration coefficients included directly into module memory
  • Quality Tolteq wiring inside with strain relief connectors and high-temperature mesh covering for wires
  • Shorter, more rugged design

*Requires Tool Tracker software to download

For more information, email [email protected]

  • Tolteq iSeries Directional Module Spec Sheet
Tool render of a Tolteq iSeries Directional Module on a white background.

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