Tolteq iSeries Integrated SureMate Centralizer

Builds upon the success of the original SureMate centralizer by adding an innovative uphole end, allowing it to become an extension of the tool


The Tolteq™ iSeries integrated SureMate™ centralizer builds upon the success of the original SureMate centralizer by adding an innovative uphole end, allowing it to become an extension of the tool. Because the integrated SureMate centralizer only connects on one end, the technology reduces the chance of failure in the tool string at typically critical connection points. Simple installation and compatibility with various measurement-while-drilling (MWD) tools further adds value, ensuring the centralizer’s flexibility.


  • Only one end connects; the other end becomes part of the tool
  • Integrated design only requires one screw-on connection
  • Keyed downhole end ensures a secure, foolproof connection without the danger of broken pins
  • Attaches in about 30 seconds with a simple spanner wrench
  • Spring-loaded shaft minimizes equipment damage and absorbs vibration while downhole
  • Legacy compatible to work with non-Tolteq tools
  • Shorter length makes it more robust while shortening tool string
  • Quality wiring inside, with strain relief on connectors and high-temperature mesh covering for wires

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