Tool rendering of a Tolteq Symmetric Propagation Resistivity Tool.

Tolteq Symmetric Propagation Resistivity Tool

Real-time LWD resistivity combined with advanced, high-bandwidth MWD tools.

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The Tolteq™ symmetric propagation resistivity (SPR) tool offers real-time logging-while-drilling (LWD) resistivity combined with advanced, high-bandwidth measurement-while-drilling (MWD) tools. The tool creates high-quality resistivity logs with both phase and attenuation measurements in real time—measurement capabilities as well as multiple depths of investigation and vertical resolutions help with the drilling process. With a total of eight curves recorded into memory, the SPR tool has extremely high-resolution memory data with fast data dump capability. This feature enables our field operators to create high-resolution logs after the run is complete with no impact on drilling time.

The SPR tool was designed and engineered around the concept of borehole compensation with a symmetric configuration of transmitters and receivers. This reduces the artefacts on the log due to borehole rugosity while minimizing errors caused by drifts in electronic circuits—the bed boundaries are better delineated with the symmetric design.


  • High-quality, real-time LWD data enhance well placement
  • Multiple depths of investigation
  • Symmetric design for improved data quality
  • Borehole compensated data
  • Low-maintenance, reliable design

For more information, contact Cary Eddy at [email protected]

  • Tolteq Symmetric Propagation Resistivity Tool Spec Sheet

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