TorqueFlex eConsole

The TorqueFlex™ electronic console (eConsole) brings automation to the workshop, boosting efficiency and quality


Precise placement for optimal drilling performance.

Our eConsole reduces the wear and tear on your TorqueMaster™ equipment by allowing the hydraulics to operate within recommended levels at all times, thus reducing the stress on all critical components. The fully electronic touch screen control incorporates a torque/time logging system that logs connection data and automatically stops the torque process at the desired set point entered by the operator, reducing the possibility of over-torque and damaged connections. The operator simply selects a stored connection profile on the console, and it automatically makes the connection as desired. A user-friendly database containing connection parameters is incorporated and can be updated with your specific torque requirements to reduce setup time. With our eConsole, the make-up or break-out of each connection can be recorded and will streamline the recordkeeping process for your shop.


  • 19 in. logging screen
  • 8 in. system screen
  • Keyboard and electronic joystick controls
  • Safety shield
  • Splash-proof console exterior
  • HPU that can be located up to 100 ft away
  • Seamlessly integrated logging system


  • Automation for make-up of both right and left-handed threads
  • Automated recording of torque data
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Remote access for technical troubleshooting support
  • Minimum torque rating of 2,000ft lbs
  • TorqueFlex eConsole Flyer

Left angled picture of a TorqueFlex electronic console in a workshop
Right angled picture of a TorqueFlex electronic console in a workshop

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