A render of a TracID Pipe with HB and Internal Coating

TracID Drill String Life-Cycle Management

TracID comprises field-proven RFID tracking systems and solutions for the oil and gas industry.

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The oil and gas industry relies on precise information for all areas of operations. NOV offers the most advanced, durable, and reliable RFID-based tracking solutions, providing you accurate, real-time data and complete asset control throughout the entire value chain.

TracID’s drill stem life-cycle management program gives you total asset control and a never-before-seen view of your drill pipe. We capture all asset history, enabling better informed decision making on drill stem design, inspection, repairs, and maintenance to extend asset life, thus improving the safety and efficiency of your drilling operations.

Optimal asset management

Grant Prideco™ manufacturing data and Tuboscope inspection data combined with AutoTally usage history enable optimal asset management for each drill string component throughout its life cycle.

Pre-drilling: Every drill stem is unique. To improve performance and extend product life, we help you design and customize your drill stem based on application needs with features such as fatigue-resistant connections, internal coating, and hardbanding.

Drilling: M/D Totco AutoTally uses TracID's RFID technology and advanced software to create a 100% accurate drill string tally in real time. Usage data, such as position in tally, rotating hours, number of rotations, and hours in well for each tagged string component are captured and stored.

Post-drilling: Tuboscope provides all-inclusive support for the life of your drill pipe. TruData provides a complete record of asset history and condition for the entirety of the product’s life.


As a 125-kHz RFID tag, TracTag™ is a form of ID for drill pipe and other downhole equipment that can withstand extreme conditions in onshore and offshore wells. Its small physical dimensions enable mounting in most downhole equipment without jeopardizing equipment integrity.

Proven RFID tag durability

Used for more than 10 years in downhole applications, the EX-certified TracTag has been fully tested and validated through field trials and continued operations. TracTag masters the most demanding conditions and is recognized and accepted by central players in the drilling industry. The RFID transponder can be embedded in any drill string component and is designed to withstand most well conditions, including g-forces, well temperatures, vibrations, and pressures.


TracPlates™ are tag plates with embedded RFID transponders that can also be fitted to existing plates. The term “intelligent tagging” refers to electronic identification technology applied to assets and/or resources in addition to the more common physical identification tags. With a unique tag ID, TracPlates convey reliable information regarding asset documentation, location, and service history that can be attributed to individual pieces of equipment to improve process quality and safety.

The RFID transponders can be read electronically by handheld or fixed readers.

TracPlates from TracID offers the power of electronically readable RFID transponders directly integrated into conventional tag plates or as retrofit solutions for existing metal tag plates. TracID captures the correct mapping between the electronic ID and physical tag ID. The ID mappings are stored in a database that is delivered to the customer as part of the service provided by TracPlates.

TracPlates offer the potential to connect reliable information directly to each individual component and use this information within operations to improve processes and safety.

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