Closeup of an Ameron Traditional Series Delphi Pole with base plate

Traditional Series Lighting Poles

Decorative pole designs built to last

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The decorative Ameron™ Traditional Series poles provide architects and designers creative options for their lighting projects. Our Ameron Traditional Series poles are available in a variety of standard and custom configurations. Centrifugally cast and constructed with the highest-quality prestressed concrete, these low-maintenance poles are strong, durable, and vibration resistant.


  • Ameron poles conform to applicable sections of ACI, AASHTO, ASTM, and IBC standards.
  • The concrete shafts are lightly blasted to expose the texture and beauty of the natural aggregates while maintaining sharp definition of details and patterns.

Colors and finishes

  • Standard, preformulated, and custom aggregate colors are available. 
  • We offer Amershield™, a premium graffiti-resistant coating, plus an assortment of durable sealers and protectants that further enhance colors, protect the concrete surface, and aid in the removal of graffiti.
  • Ameron Traditional Series Poles Catalog
  • Aggregates and Finishes for Spun-Cast Concrete Poles Brochure
Ameron Traditional Series Aegean light poles line a boardwalk
An Ameron Traditional Series Washington light pole near a beach
An Ameron Traditional Series Kodiak light pole outside a residence
An Ameron Traditional Series Olympian light pole near palm tree
An Ameron Traditional Series Monterrey street sign
An Ameron Traditional Series Huntington light pole in a park
An Ameron Traditional Series Corsican light pole outside a residence
Ameron Traditional Series Delphi light poles line a town street

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