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Tri Floater semi submersible floating offshore wind turbine foundations

Tri-Floater Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation

A modular, robust and cost-effective solution for the +15MW range wind turbines, optimized for efficient worldwide fabrication and operation.

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The GustoMSC Tri-Floater is a triangular semi-submersible with an offshore wind turbine column at the centre of one of its sides. The semi-sub structure is modular and can be tailored to fit any desired wind turbine. It is optimized for local environmental conditions and supply chain. It has good overall performance and has a shallow draft in port, thanks to its innovative arrangement and buoyant damper boxes. The Tri-Floater is designed to meet the needs of the floating offshore wind market.

With the updated Tri-Floater design, the focus of GustoMSC remains on easy manufacturing, optimizing for local and global supply chain, operations and maintenance.

Custom build

The Tri-Floater design is a modular custom build design, scalable for any wind turbine sizes available today and in the near future, under any local environmental condition and seabed conditions. Data available from the NREL 15 MW reference turbine showcases a competitive design under extreme environmental conditions.

Passive ballasting

One of the main costs drivers in offshore wind is related to maintenance. Thanks to its passive ballast system, maintenance offshore is reduced to the minimum by removing all active systems like pumps and valves from the Tri-Floater. This reduces significantly the number of crew transfers offshore and wind turbine downtime.

Proven Technology

Technology that you know and trust – with designs based on GustoMSC’s long track record in oil & gas semi-sub designs – developed to a level ready for full-scale offshore application and enabling the growing floating offshore wind industry.

Easy fabrication

The modular design of the Tri-Floater structure enables efficient manufacturing, at shipyards and steel construction facilities, equipped with advanced automated manufacturing capabilities. The modular approach allows to focus component fabrication at the most efficient producers, hence removing production bottlenecks. The Tri-Floater design helps overcoming the expected supply chain challenges as the demand for floating wind expends rapidly in the coming decade.

Shallow Draft in port

The Tri-Floater benefits from a low draft in port, thanks to the innovative positioning of the wind turbine column. It allows a shallow draft even after wind turbine integration, enabling a much wider range of assembly and marshalling harbours. It benefits directly to local communities by bringing major assembly and commissioning work closer to wind farm locations.

Integrated NOV technologies

The Tri-Floater benefits from the wide range of innovative NOV technologies applicable to the floating wind market, such as OPB preventing mooring connectors, FRP walkways, advanced CBM and in-cloud data analytics. The Tri-Floater also relies on decades of past offshore experience from leading specialists like GustoMSC and NOV-APL, combining together insightful knowledge into a unique design. These technologies and know-how are brought into the core of the Tri-Floater design to achieve an efficient, fully integrated solution for floating wind.

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Tri-Floater Specifications

The Tri-Floater design is a custom build design, scalable for any turbine sizing available today and in the near future, under any local environmental condition and seabed condition.

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Sea Installer Challenger at Borssele offshore wind farm

Our designs at work

Ideas may start on paper, but our designs are brought to life each day as they serve the marine and offshore industries. View our reference list of field-proven designs and vessels.

GustoMSC Reference List
Tri Floater foundation
The GustoMSC Tri-Floater’s innovative wind turbine location, enabling shallow draft in port and easy wind turbine assembly.
Tri Floater foundation closeup
The Tri-Floater integrates many advanced NOV technologies into a single, streamlined design.
Tri Floater in waves
The Tri-Floater design is custom build from a modular configuration for the most extreme environments
Tri Floater foundation underwater view
The mooring system of the Tri-Floater is designed by NOV-APL. NOV designs and deliver the mooring system of the Tri-Floater and can supply IAC protections as well.

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