Trifloater offshore floating windmill

Tri-Floater Semi-submersible

Robust and Cost-Effective

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The GustoMSC Tri-Floater is a three-column semi-submersible with an offshore wind turbine column at the center. The semi-sub structure can be tailored to fit any desired turbine and optimized for local environmental conditions.

The flat-plated design allows for an efficient and highly automated fabrication process, which lowers the construction costs considerably and can be upscaled for commercial size floating wind farms using the existinig shipbuilding and offshore supply chain. The columns are not connected by bracings. The benefit is that this solution avoids having any fatigue sensitive details located below the still water line, where access for inspection and maintenance would be expensive.

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Main Characteristics

Survival significant wave height

9.3 m

Max. operational sign. wave height 6.5 m
Water depth 100 m
Wind turbine rated power 5 MW
Hub height above SWL 76 m
Length overall 87 m
Beam overall 13.2 m
Operational draft 7.5 m

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Sea Installer Challenger at Borssele offshore wind farm

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