Render of a Trailer-Mounted Twin Cement Pumper

Truck-Mounted Cement Pumpers

We engineer and manufacture skid-, trailer-, and truck-mounted cement pumping units.

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Our Enerflow™ and Rolligon™ truck-mounted cement pumpers are designed for maneuverability in tight locations. These units come in a variety of configurations including single and dual high-pressure discharge pumps and can be designed to pull power from either deck-mounted engines or, if economics are a concern, from the road engine. Pony engines for driving unit hydraulics are often employed to free up horsepower for pumping and maximize unit performance. Customized designs can be developed to meet the requirements of any truck chassis or any environment—from Arctic cold weather to hot desert conditions.

Our truck-mounted cementers can be equipped with the patented NOV recirculating mixing system for precise and continuous cement mixing during high-pressure pumping operations. This system can be run either manually or automatically using the continuous automated mixing (CAM™) control system for accurate cement slurry mixtures.

For smaller jobs, combining a 200-sack teardrop with a single-pump cement pump unit allows for a one-person operation for plug and abandonment or shallow-well cementing operations.


  • DNV, CE, and other certifications available
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Redundant piping and hydraulics
  • Patented CAM recirculation high-energy mixer and electronics
  • Nonstick and defoamer tank
  • Displacement tank paddles
  • Standard split mix tank design
  • Automated chemical injection systems available
  • Additional downhole density/flow meters
  • Twin 10-, 12-, or 15-bbl displacement tank capacity options
  • Designed for extended runtime
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Side view of a Truck-Mounted Cement Pumper
Rear view of a Trailer-Mounted Cement Pumper
Side view of a Trailer-Mounted Twin Cement Pumper

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