A side view of a parked white truck-mounted fracturing blender

Truck-Mounted Fracturing Blenders

Our Enerflow and Rolligon fracturing blenders deliver the most reliable operation, precise automated control, and wide range of operating flow rates.

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  • Fractrac and ECAM systems for accurately proportioning proppant and chemicals for automated blender options
  • Field-proven tub designs (open and closed) for mixing high-concentration fracturing slurries
  • Up to eight chemical systems available (dry or liquid) with a wide variety of styles and delivery rates available
  • Choice of one to four field-tested and calibrated proppant augers in several available configurations and sizes
  • Fixed or swing-out auger system
  • Smaller mixing tub for fast system response and quick clean-out time
  • Optional enclosed operators cabin with heat and AC
  • Options for dual dry chemical feeders with seven auger ranges available
  • Single and dual manifold designs
  • Control systems available in multiple languages and alphabets

A side view of a parked brown trailer-mounted fracturing blender
A front view of a parked grey truck-mounted fracturing blender
A back view of a parked red truck-mounted fracturing blender

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