Tube × Cable Internal Connector

Safely thread coil into an injector with our tube × cable connector.


This unique tool is designed for specialty applications in which large heavy-wall tubing is being manipulated at the surface. Common uses for this tool include stabbing into injectors, spooling, loading, or unloading pipe. Simple insertion and tightening of the slips after both tubes are brought together will fully assemble this handy tool.

The center ball joint gives total flexibility against stiff pipe.

The tube × cable connector allows the operator to thread a winch cable through his or her injector in reverse and tie into this unique tool. Using the pull of the winch, the coil can now be threaded into the injector safely.


Tube × Cable Internal Connector Technical Specifications

Part number Coiled tubing size Cable range (max./min.) Service kits
8085-000 2 in. ¼ to 15/16 in. 8085-000-RDK
8082-000 2⅜ in. ¼ to 15/16 in. 8082-000-RDK
8083-000 2⅝ in. ¼ to 15/16 in. 8083-000-RDK
8084-000 2⅞ in. ¼ to 15/16 in. 8084-000-RDK
8087-000 3¼ in. ¼ to 15/16 in. 8087-000-RDK