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Image of an NOV employee applying a Tuboscope stencil to tubing.

Tubing Inspection Services

Uncover defects and identify critical downhole conditions that can shorten the life of your tubing string with Tuboscope inspection services.


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Despite stringent mill quality control programs, new oilfield tubulars can still contain manufacturing process defects and incur damage during handling and transit, making a thorough inspection program critical. Regular inspection of tubing ensures pipe is fit-for-purpose, optimizes tubing performance, extends run life, and helps you identify critical downhole conditions that can shorten tubing life or result in a costly failure.

Inspection of new tubing is performed in one of our Tuboscope facilities around the world.

All inspections are performed by ASNT-qualified Level I and II inspectors using Tuboscope’s proven technologies, proprietary inspection equipment, and software.

Manufacturing defects we identify in new tubing

  • Seams and overlaps
  • Rolled-in slugs and pits
  • Longitudinal cracks
  • Transverse cracks
  • Thin wall/eccentricity
  • Hardness variations

Tuboscope equipment used for in-plant inspection:

  • TruScan™ and Truscope™ – A full-body ultrasonic (UT) system measuring wall and detecting defects at multiple orientations
  • TruPhase™ 360° – 2D Phased Array UT technology that uses a single two-dimensional Array to transmit multidirectional ultrasonic beams in a single shot for simultaneous flaw detection
  • TruScan PA – Phased Array system that identifies pipe flaws at multiple orientations along with over 100% UT wall coverage for greater consistency and repeatability
  • TruscopeAS™ – Single-pass, full-body UT and EMI inspection
  • Amalog™ – Detects longitudinal defects such as laps, seams, and gouges
  • Sonoscope™ – Detects transverse defects and three-dimensional defects such as pitting and holes
  • Wall Data – Per joint spreadsheet providing minimum, maximum, and average wall values
  • Wall Profile – Per joint spreadsheet providing minimum, maximum, and average wall values at selected segments along the length of the pipe
  • Wall Mapping – Complete recording of all wall values

Common defects found in used tubing

  • Corrosion pitting
  • Rod wear
  • Erosion
  • Mechanical damage
  • Thread and coupling damage

Inspection of used tubing can be performed on-site or in a Tuboscope facility.

Tuboscope equipment used for on-site inspections:

  • Amalog (EMI)
  • Sonoscope (EMI)
  • Full-Length Drift (FLD) – Detects mashes, dents, and incorrect weight
  • WellChek™ – Wellsite inspection system that combines EMI, Isolog (gamma), and eddy current inspection for detection of internal and external defects
  • TuboChekC1D1 – Similar to our WellChek system, TuboChekC1D1 uses the same reporting and database software, providing you real-time tubing inspection, data management, and evaluation of your used tubing. Unique to this system is a flux integration method for detecting wall loss and flux leakage-based rod stroke detection.

Associated tubing services

  • Laser tally
  • Hydrostatic/pressure testing
  • Gator Hawk external leak detection thread test
  • NORM (Natural Occurring Radioactive Material)testing
  • Saltwater/chloride testing and remediation
  • Cleaning
  • Coupling inspection, removal, and replacement
  • Bucking services
  • Hardness testing
  • Rig prep and well return
  • Pipe maintenance and storage
  • Tubular packaging services (bolstering, bundling, preslinging, and palletizing)
  • Transportation in select areas
  • Buy/sell programs in select areas
  • Tuboscope Production Services Catalog
  • Tubing Services Spec Sheet
  • WellChek II and WellTrak Tubing Inspection Flyer
  • TuboChek C1D1 Non-Gamma Wellsite Tubing Inspection System Flyer
  • TruPhase 360 Flyer
  • TruScan Phased-Array Ultrasonic Pipe Inspection Flyer
A secured tube ready for inspection
Image of a truck performing WellChek onsite inspectioi
Image of a stack of tubing to be inspected with an NOV employee in the background.

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