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Render of the NOV Tuboscope yard, blend from a realistic illustration to the original blueprint

Tuboscope Coevorden

Full-service facility for your oilfield tubular service needs

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Throughout the North Sea, we support your needs with proven, safe, reliable, and cost-effective tubular services to help you drill safer and more efficiently, increase production and decrease downtime.

Our Tuboscope Netherlands facility is a full-service pipe yard with a complete line of tubular inspection, maintenance, repair, transportation and yard services.

Our inspection services uncover multiple defects that can shorten the life of your tubular string.

  • Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI) Max 13 ⅜”
  • Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)
  • Special End Area (SEA)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • Dye Penetrant (PT)
  • Visual Thread Inspection (VTI)
  • Pipe Cleaning (Inc. Protectors)
  • Material Analyzing
  • Casing and Tubing Inspection / Rig Ready Preparation
  • Rig Return Services
  • External / Internal Blasting; Protective Coating
  • Straightening
  • Automatic-Alphanumeric-Marking
  • TCS™ Hardbanding and other competitive brands

Customer location Inspection & Associated Services

  • Tubing and Casing Inspection (EMI) Max 5”
  • Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)
  • Full Length Drift (FLD)
  • Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) Inspection
  • Corod Inspection
  • MPI and Visual Inspection
  • Metal Alloy Analysis
  • Running Supervision
  • Offshore / Onshore NDT Services



    • Tuboscope Coevorden Brochure
    • Machining Services Brochure
    • Tuboscope - Europe Corrosion Control Services Brochure
    • Drill String Services Brochure
    • TracID Drill Stem Lifecycle Management Flyer
    • TCS Hardbanding Brochure
    TracID infographic

    Drill Stem Lifecycle Management

    With TracID™, our field proven RFID technology, we capture all asset history, enabling better informed decision making on drill stem design, inspection, repairs and maintenance, thus extending asset life and improving the safety and efficiency of your drilling operations.

    Up close render of TK coating pipes


    Applied at over 14 facilities worldwide, TK-Coatings prevent corrosion and wear, mitigate deposits and improve hydraulic efficiency. For more information about coating services, please contact us at [email protected].
    Long shot of the Tuboscope Coevorden yard
    Close up shot of a machine being serviced

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