Tuboscope Geothermal Solutions

Tubular and accessory services for geothermal applications


Tubulars used in geothermal applications must be able to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperatures, corrosive fluids, and gases.

These challenging environments can shorten asset life, making tubular selection, string design and corrosion control crucial for productive and safe operations throughout the life of the well.

Our expertise and package of integrated products & services get you the most out of your tubulars by improving performance, reducing downtime, and extending useful asset life.

Recognized worldwide as the leader in tubular corrosion control, our suite of TK™ (Tube-Kote™) products have successfully been used globally in geothermal applications for over 20 years.
TK Coatings and TK-Liner provide exceptional corrosion protection, flow assurance and thermal insulation.

To learn which TK product is best for you and how we can help you maximize the life cycle of your assets, contact us today at [email protected]

  • Coating technologies extend geothermal plant operation - without chemicals

  • Innovative liner technology keeps corrosion at bay in geothermal wells

  • TK-18TC Flyer

  • TK-340TC Flyer

  • TK-Ring II Coupled Flyer

  • Tuboscope Coatings Spec Sheet

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