TUBULAR Completion Equipment

Our tubulars portfolio includes downhole sand screens, perforating guns, and slotted and holed casing.


We have been manufacturing perforating gun hardware and accessories since 1989 and currently have a total capacity of approximately 55,000 ft of production per month between our Dubai and Aberdeen plants. We manufacture wireline or tubing-conveyed perforating gun carriers from 111/16- to 10-in. OD in several locations around the world, along with required loading tubes, adapters, and other accessories. Where applicable, the guns meet requirements including API, NACE NPD, and EEUMA and are certified by a third-party certifying authority.

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Perforating Guns

The Elmar™ Gun Shop, established in Aberdeen in 1989, manufactures perforating gun (TCP) equipment to clients’ own designs. It has the capacity to manufacture approximately 25,000 ft per month of perforating guns and works closely with customers in Europe, Russia, and the CIS, Africa.

Tubulars also has a presence in Dubai, where the team has been manufacturing TCP equipment since 2000. The department in Dubai has the capacity to manufacture approximately 20,000 ft per month, with sizes varying from 19/16 to 4½ in. and increasing to 7 in. with the addition of new machines.

  • Manufacturing of tubing-conveyed perforating guns: 19/16, 2, 2½, 2⅞, 3⅜, 3½, 4½, 4⅝, 5¼, and 7 in.
  • Assemblies include: Gun body, tube, and customer-specific hardware kits

Tubular accessories

To complete your gun system, we manufacture a large range of connectors and hardware equipment. Typical connectors and TCP hardware components include swivel connector assemblies, adapters, tandem and crossover subs, firing head adapters, thread protectors, bull plugs, and side-mount assemblies. Our components are designed to suit all gun sizes.

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