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Tubular Drill Stem Accessories

Tubular Drill Stem Accessories

Components to connect your drill stem products

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In addition to our extensive selection of API and premium drill pipe connections, Grant Prideco offers a variety of drill stem components to connect your drill stem. All accessories are manufactured in accordance to API specifications from traceable, new material.

Pony collars and pup joints

Pony collars are manufactured from the same material as our drill collars. Heat-treatment processes ensure a hardness range of 285 to 341 Brinell. A Charpy "v" notch minimum impact strength of 40 ft-lb at 70 °F is guaranteed 1 in. below the surface.

Integral drill pipe pups are heat treated to the same minimum yield strength as the connection that is on the drill pipe. Integral pups have the same tensile and torsional rating as S-135 grade drill pipe with the same pin ID. All connections are phosphate coated to improve resistance to galling.

Standard lengths are 5, 10, 15, and 20 ft. Additional sizes are available upon request.

Thread protectors

Grant Prideco partners with Tuboscope MSI for all thread protector products. Lifting bail thread protectors for drill stem products are also available.

Lift subs and lift plugs

Lift subs and lift plugs are used for hoisting the BHA and drill pipe with insufficient elevator capacity. They are available with 18° tapers or 90° shoulders and are manufactured to API Spec 7-1.

Rotary subs

Rotary subs are available in standard lengths of 36 or 48 in. and are manufactured from traceable solid bar material trepanned and drifted to requirements that meet or exceed API Spec 7-1.

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