TurboTorque Connections

Optimized connection configurations that offer more torque, faster makeup, and enhanced performance


TurboTorque™ (TT™) connections are the industry’s first rotary-shouldered connections designed to meet the specific and different needs of each individual pipe size. Taking a “one size does not fit all” approach, the TurboTorque product line is composed of three distinct configurations, optimized to best meet very specific objectives.

TurboTorque’s unique design reduces turns from stab to makeup by at least 50% to significantly cut drilling time and costs. Other benefits include increased torque capacity, optimized hydraulics, increased clearance and fishability, reduced risk of failure and extended life. All TurboTorque connections feature a proprietary double-start thread form, making them radically faster than comparative connections.

One size does not fit all

TurboTorque is a family of three distinct connection configurations designed for the specific and different needs of each individual pipe size.

For 3½- to 4½-in. sizes, connection torque capacity is of primary importance. The common use of these sizes makes makeup speed more desirable than incremental hydraulic gains.

The typical tool joint to pipe body torque and tension ratios for 5- to 5⅞-in. sizes are relatively balanced. These sizes are commonly used offshore and in higher-profile projects. Designs for these applications must focus on makeup speed and streamlined connection profiles for increased hydraulic performance.

For the large 6⅝-in. pipe size commonly run in elevated spread-rate projects such as deep water, makeup speed is a primary design objective. In addition, makeup torques can be excessive, at times surpassing the capacity of the rig equipment. Design parameters must be balanced to reduce the makeup torque and improve hydraulic performance.

Double-start threads

TurboTorque connections are the industry’s first rotary-shouldered design to offer a double-start thread. Dual thread forms, spaced 180° apart, reduce the number of turns from stab to makeup by at least 50%. The increase in thread-lead angle provides an increase of up to 12% in torque capacity.

Fatigue-resistant thread form

TurboTorque’s proprietary thread form is optimized for each of the three design configurations. This thread form incorporates a unique dual-root radius—larger than the root radii of API and even XT™ connections—which significantly reduces peak stress in the thread roots and results in improved fatigue resistance.

Stronger tool joints

Standard drill pipe tool joints are made of steel with a specified minimum yield strength (SMYS) of 120,000 psi (120 ksi). Traditionally, efforts to increase tool joint yield strength have resulted in reduced fracture toughness and increased susceptibility to fatigue crack propagation. TurboTorque connections are engineered specifically for use with 130-ksi SMYS material while meeting the increased fracture toughness required by proprietary manufacturing standards. In addition, TurboTorque’s thread form and tool joint geometry have been engineered to provide a step-change improvement in fatigue performance.

TurboTorque-M and TurboFrac-M

There are two variations of the TurboTorque connection: TurboTorque-M™ (TT-M™) and TurboFrac-M™ (TF-M™). These connections incorporate a gas-tight metal-to-metal radial seal, making them particularly well-suited for drill stem testing, workover, and underbalanced drilling operations. While these connections are based on the TurboTorque thread design, the addition of the metal-to-metal seal prevents TT-M and TF-M from being interchangeable with standard TurboTorque connections. Contact your Grant Prideco representative for further information on these connection variations.


Standard TurboTorque Configurations for S135 Grade Drill Pipe

Pipe OD (in.) Nominal Weight (lb/ft) Connection Tool Joint OD × ID (in.) Maximum MUT (ft-lb)
3.500 13.30 TT 380 4.750 × 2.625 27,100
4.000 14.00 TT 390 4.875 × 2.688 29,700
4.500 16.60 TT 485 6.000 × 3.563 47,600
5.000 19.50 TT 525 6.500 × 3.750 63,800
5.500 21.90 TT 585 7.000 × 4.500 72,400
5.875 23.40 TT 585 7.000 × 4.500 72,400
6.625 27.70 TT 690 8.250 × 5.375 106,700

Contact your Grant Prideco representative for further tool joint OD and ID configurations.

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