Turn Around Sheave

Optimal solution for pressure equipment string height reduction


Meticulously engineered to reduce the overall height of the pressure equipment string, the Elmar™ turn around sheave’s (TAS) optimized design minimizes weight and allows existing equipment utilization, saving cost and time.

In a conventional pressure equipment system, the top sheave is positioned above the tool catcher, grease injection control head, and line wiper. By installing the sheave inside a pressure-retaining chamber and connecting one side to the tool catcher, the grease injection control head and line wiper can be connected to the other side and run vertically downward, thus reducing the overall height of the system.

Featuring multiple padeye points to accommodate rig-up variations, the TAS is available in 16 and 20 in. versions, with ratings up to 15,000 psi. Fully traceable and third-party certified, our TAS features a bleed-off port for gas breakout from wireline and adapters to suit various connections.

The internal design of the chamber allows for the sheave axle to be disassembled and the sheave sub-assembly lowered within the chamber to provide access to the wireline, should remedial work be required.

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