Twin Cement Pumper curbside front view

Twin Cement Pumper

Our two-engine, 1,330-hp twin cement pumper trailer assembly is designed to mix and blend cement and water or previously mixed cement slurry from a batch mixer.

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The Wilco™ twin cement pumper builds on a 40-year history of field-proven technology, and our standard design uses two 665-hp diesel engines with Tier 4 emission controls that do not require regeneration, resulting in no downtime and simpler operation. A patented high-energy recirculating cement mix head, in conjunction with automated mixing systems, delivers blended cement slurry at accurate densities up to 22 lb/gal (2640 kg/m3). Backup redundancy is provided through precision-engineered hydraulic systems powering centrifugal pumps, mixing agitators, cooling-heat exchangers, and pump lubrication systems.


  • Two 665-hp Volvo 16-L engines capable of running all hydraulically powered components (Volvo 665-hp class, Tier 4 engines do not require emission regeneration.)
  • 4700-OFS Allison transmissions
  • 300-gal total fuel tanks capacity
  • 180-gal hydraulic fluid tank capacity


  • Four paddle-style agitators—one in mixing tub and one in averaging tank
  • Mix/blend vessels
    • 3-bbl mixing tank capacity
    • 4-bbl averaging tank capacity
    • Two displacement tanks with 12-bbl capacity each (24 bbl capacity total)


  • High-pressure pumps equipped with customer-specified high-pressure triplex pumps, with 4.5- in. diameter plungers standard (or sized by customer preference).
  • Centrifugal pumps
    Pump 1: 6×5×11 centrifugal pump for mixing tub recirculation
    Pump 2: 6×5×11 centrifugal pump for water fill/displacement to mixing head
    Pump 3: 6×5×11 for boost pressure for high-pressure pumps, back-up of either slurry recirculation pump, or water fill/displacement pump

Mixing/blending system

  • The agitators’ and centrifugal pumps’ hydraulic motors are run with hydraulic pumps powered from both 655-hp engines. The hydraulic system’s pumps are set up with two transmissions’ PTOs to drive the hydraulic motors that power the centrifugal pumps, agitators, and external cooling systems. Also, cement blending system hydraulic stacks are divided between the two engines, allowing for more evenly distributed horsepower draw from both engines.
  • A Micro Motion™ Coriolis densometer is used for density measurement from mixing tank recirculation line.
  • A control console on the work platform allows control of engines, hydraulic systems, and manifold valves from a single location.
  • Data acquisition capability is available for pump discharge pressure, rate, and density.
  • Manifold system is designed for easy cleanup and maintenance.
  • A Rolligon™ high-energy recirculating mixing head is used:
    • Performance repeatability
    • Manual mix controls
    • Ensures 100% API recommended mix energy (requires complete NOV engineered system)
    • Continuous fresh water jet mixes with dry bulk cement before adding recirculated slurry
    • Works with integrally mounted diffuser to reduce air entrainment
    • Field-proven design and easy maintenance


  • Air suspension has a 75,000-lb triple-axle total load capacity (25,000 lb each).
  • Dual tires are 11R24.5 (standard model).
  • Two landing legs have 62,500-lb lift capacity per pair.
  • Trailer includes 2-in. weld-on kingpin coupler (3.5 in. optional for applicable international locations).
  • Custom-designed wide-flanged trailer side beams provide structural support during transport and for maximum loading during pumping operation.
  • Support and bracing technique used for tanks, engine, high-pressure pumps, and work platform is designed to minimize vibration.
  • Work lights are all rectangular, 24-V LED lights. The top work area is illuminated with four lights. Six other lights are positioned at various locations such as the engine platform and pump discharge.


  • Mixing/blending system
    • Coriolis densometer in the cement discharge line to measure density of discharge slurry
    • CAM III for precision automated density control of water, bulk cement, tub level, and liquid chemicals
    • Magnetic flow meter can be located in the belly line for measuring rate and total volume displacement fluid.
    • Displacement tank agitators
  • Trailer utility iron package available
  • Wilco Twin Cement Pumper Flyer
  • Wilco Capabilities and Services Brochure
Twin Cement Pumper roadside front view
Twin Cement Pumper side view with ladders
Twin Cement Pumper side view.jpg
Twin Cement Pumper rear view

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