RHT42 2-Reel Spool Handling Trailer

Two-reel Spool Handling Trailer

Designed specifically for field handling and deployment of two spools of power cable

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We offer a standard package or a customized solution to meet your specific operational needs. The trailer is typically used in conjunction with tensioner trailers and other equipment dedicated to deploying and assembling electric power lines.

Cable support spindles and brakes can be customer specified. They are built into the trailer frame at two positions, which are designed to hold cable spools weighing up to 30,000 lb each, with a maximum spool outside diameter of 96 in. and width of 68 in. The trailer structure has two outside wide flange beams with kingpin plate structures, transitional primary cross members, and standard cross members.

A fairlead structure at the rear of the trailer may be deployed and used to control cable connecting to the tensioner unit. A vertical cable handling structure at the rear of the trailer can be laid down and fastened to deck for road travel.

Optional Power Package

  • Spindle-cable spool holders with drive sprockets
  • Hydraulic power unit, powered by a gasoline engine
  • Hydraulic motors drive the controlled spool rotation

Two-reel Spool Handling Trailer Specifications

Overall length 465 in. (38 ft, 9 in.)
Width 102 in. (8 ft, 6 in.)
Maximum height (unloaded) 116 in. (9 ft, 8 in.)
Maximum height (loaded) with rear cable handling structure 149.5 in. (12 ft 5.5 in.)
Estimated weight (unloaded) 13,000 lb
Kingpin Ø2-in or customer preference
Dual tires 11R22.5
  • Two-Reel Spool Handling Trailer Flyer
2-Reel Spool Handling Trailer with No Reels

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