uXT and uGPDS Connections

High-strength connections designed for demanding drilling applications.


The Grant Prideco™ uLtimate™ Connection Series, comprised of uXT™ and uGPDS™, is specifically designed to provide increased torque capacity. This is achieved by using high-strength materials and making up the connection to a higher torque level. Even at this higher makeup torque level, the fatigue-resistant thread form and cold-rolled thread roots increase fatigue life above that of standard GPDS™ and XT™ connections. The high-strength properties of the uLtimate Series increase performance, and the durability of these connections extends service life.


  • Increased torque capacity (+26%)
  • Approximately twice the relative fatigue resistance over standard GPDS and XT connections
  • Durability of these connections extends service life


  • Shale plays
    • As horizontal hole sections have increased in length, so has the demand for a drill string with higher torsional capacity. uXT has been one of the key technologies that has resulted in the success of shale drilling programs by providing the increased drilling torque and hydraulic performance necessary to drill these extended horizontal sections.
  • Extended-reach wells
    • Operators are now demanding even more torque to reach new targets. The uLtimate Series has enabled operators to expand the industry’s drilling envelope. It has helped in successfully drilling world-class ultra-extended reach wells, including several world records.


  • High-strength tool joints
    • These connections are designed to be threaded on 130 ksi Specified Minimum Yield Strength material to increase performance.
  • Cold-rolled thread roots
    • A standard cold-roll process of the thread roots further enhances fatigue resistance.
  • Xmark™ benchmark
    • This proprietary refacing benchmark is placed on the external bevel of the connection and serves as a 360° visual reference for misaligned refacing without the removal of thread protectors.
  • Fatigue-resistant thread form
    • This proprietary feature reduces stress concentration in the connection, enhancing its fatigue resistance.
  • Interchangeability
    • uLtimate Series connections are interchangeable with their GPDS and XT connection counterparts, so current inventories of tools and accessories can still be used.
  • Identification groove
    • This unique identification groove visually identifies the connection as an uLtimate Series connection. It is remachined as part of the chase-and-face operation.

Standard uGPDS and uXT Configurations for S135 Grade Drill Pipe

Pipe OD (in.) Nominal Weight (lb/ft) Connection Tool Joint OD × ID (in.) Maximum MUT (ft-lb)
3.500 13.30 uGPDS 38 5.000 × 2.438 21,700
uXT 38 4.750 × 2.563 23,700
3.500 15.50 uGPDS 38 5.000 × 2.438 21,700
uXT 39 5.000 × 2.500 31,700
4.000 14.00 uGPDS 40 5.250 × 2.563 27,200
uXT 39 5.000 × 2.563 30,900
4.500 16.60 uGPDS 46 6.000 × 3.000 40,100
uXT 46 6.125 × 3.438 46,300
4.500 20.00 uGPDS 46 6.125 × 2.875 43,700
uXT 46 6.250 × 3.250 53,000
5.000 19.50 uGPDS 50 6.625 × 3.250 53,900
uXT 50 6.500 × 3.750 58,300
5.500 21.90 uGPDS 55 7.000 × 4.000 54,800
uXT 57 7.000 × 4.250 71,400
5.500 24.70 uGPDS 55 7.125 × 3.750 66,300
uXT 57 7.000 × 4.250 71,400
5.875 23.40 uGPDS 55 7.125 × 3.750 66,300
uXT 57 7.000 × 4.250 71,400
5.875 26.30 uGPDS 55 7.250 × 3.500 76,900
uXT 57 7.000 × 4.250 71,400

Configurations in the above table are torque-optimized.

Contact your Grant Prideco representative for hydraulic-optimized configurations and for further tool joint OD and ID combinations.

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