Ultra Premium Thread Protectors

The ideal, industry-compliant thread protection for your premium thread connections.


Tuboscope's MSI Pipe Protection Technologies' Ultra™ thread protectors, which provide the ultimate protection for your premium threads. Each protector is computer numerical controlled (CNC)-machined for an exact fit and carefully programmed to reach the greatest level of precision, reducing the chance of corrosion and eliminating any disconnection of the protector during storage or handling. Offering enhanced impact strength, Ultra thread protectors are formulated from proprietary all-plastic resins and can be tailored to your specific thread connection needs. This flexibility makes it an ideal thread protection solution for most premium thread connections on the market today.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for premium threads
  • CNC-cut threads for precision fit
  • Closed-end, non-liftable, and liftable designs for easy handling
  • Manufactured according to API 5CT, Annex-I, 10th edition specification
  • Suitable for all types of handling or loading, including truck, rail, and offshore transport
  • Designed for extreme weather conditions; tested from -50° to 150°F (-46° to 66°C)
  • Fully plastic
  • 100% recyclable

Ultra Applications

  • Tubing: 2 3/8 to 4 ½ in.
  • Casing: 4 ½ to 11 7/8 in.
  • Ultra Flyer

Group of Ultra Premium Thread Protectors
Blue Ultra Premium Thread Protector
Red Ultra Premium Thread Protector
Red Ultra Premium Thread Protectors on rack
Orange Ultra Premium Thread Protector
Technician inspecting Ultra Premium Thread Protector

Ultra is designed to meet all industry thread protector requirements

MSI’s Ultra protectors are designed to comply with current industry standards established by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Offering outstanding impact protection, the Ultra product line has been thoroughly tested to ensure compliance to the API 5CT, Annex-I, 10th edition specification, offering you complete reassurance of your pipe’s thread protection. Each Ultra thread protector is designed to be cut from a robust, extremely heavy-duty blank. Because MSI maintains an extensive selection of blanks from which to choose, our experts can assign the best blank for your threaded application. Guaranteeing your ultimate protection is our job with Ultra.

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