Valve Vaults and ARV Manholes

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant air relief valves and valve vaults for wastewater lift stations.


Fiber Glass Systems (FGS) manufactures fiberglass enclosures for air relief valves (ARV manholes) as well as valve vaults for use in wastewater lift stations. Our ARV manholes and valve vaults are lightweight, stackable, and can be easily shipped to job site locations. Using the latest equipment, we provide the highest-quality fiberglass products on the market.

Headquartered in Giddings, Texas, we maintain production facilities across the United States to provide timely service to customers operating in isolated areas. No matter what water or wastewater challenge you face, we can guide you through the entire scope of your project. From CADD services for custom applications through technical support, budgetary estimates, mold fabrication, and field service after delivery, we are here to serve you.

Quality Built Right In

We incorporate a comprehensive in-plant testing program. Our quality control enables us to provide consistent workmanship in every fiberglass ARV manhole and valve vault we build. We inspect and test each product before it is released for shipping. Wall thickness reports, raw material analysis, and continuous chemical analysis reports are just some of the test procedures that we perform. Testing reports are recorded and maintained at our office and are available upon request.


Our fiberglass ARV manholes and valve vaults have a longer service life than those made from concrete. As a result, the cost of repairs, disruptive excavations, and maintenance is minimized, saving you money over the long run. Our ARV manholes and valve vaults are also lightweight, making them easier to handle, resulting in safer, faster, and less costly installations.

Corrosion Resistant

Our ARV manholes and valve vaults are corrosion resistant to wastewater gases such as hydrogen sulfide. Over a short time, concrete products can start to leak or decay. Fiberglass ARV manholes and valve vaults can withstand years of exposure to the most severe conditions within a wastewater system.

Quality Assurance

At FGS, we stand behind the products we build. Our fiberglass ARV manholes and valve vaults carry a one-year warranty.

Image of a 72 inch. diameter liftstation with valve vault with trees in the background
Image of a Dog H ManHole installed in the ground