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Variable-Length Lubricator

Be prepared to solve wireline problems before they happen

Variable Length Lubricator
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Reducing non-productive time is critical if you have a wireline issue during runs; be prepared before problems occur with our lightweight variable-length lubricator.

This lightweight variable-length lubricator is designed to achieve two specific functions—to effectively contain well pressure during wireline intervention and provide safe and easy access to the wireline in the event of a problem such as stranded wire or a birdcage. As with conventional lightweight lubricators, our variable-length lubricator enables the wireline toolstring to be introduced into the well while maintaining full pressure integrity. By using high-strength stainless steel alloys, the lubricator section’s weight is reduced by up to 70% compared to the integral equivalent. Our lightweight variable-length connection comprises two specially designed adapters and a locking ring. The variable-length and quick union adapters are connected to the lubricator tube by a premium-threaded connection with a metal-to-metal seal, backed up by an elastomer seal. The use of stainless-steel alloys reduces the amount of maintenance required between jobs.

Should there be a problem with the wireline during intervention work, like stranded line, once bled down, our lightweight variable-length lubricator can be unlocked and disconnected above the wireline valve and the lower section raised and locked in the retracted position allowing access to the wireline. A lightweight pulley kit provides a safe and controlled lift of the lower variable-length section. This functionality is particularly useful whenever a single lifting device supports the top sheave and the lubricator string. It is recommended that the variable-length lubricator be used in conjunction with our cable cutter sub to maximize line length and minimize recovery steps.

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