A closeup of the Vector Series 36 Drilling Motor

Vector Series 36 Bearing Pack Technology

Vector Series 36 bearing pack technology offers high torque capacity as well as exceptional axial and radial support for demanding applications.

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Our fully sealed Vector™ Series 36 bearing pack technology allows 100% of the drilling fluid to pass through to the bit with no loss through flow restrictors, extending motor bearing life and maximizing bit hydraulics.


  • Sealed, oil-lubricated bearing assembly
  • 100% flow to bit; no bypass
  • Ultra-duty bearing mandrel for high-torque power sections
  • Pin-down bearing mandrels available
  • Optional BlackBox™ data recorder pocket on bearing mandrel
  • Ball-type ultra-duty driveshaft assembly
  • Drilling Motors WHO Brochure
  • ST3 Bearing Pack Series 36 Technical Summary
Horizontal image of Drilling Motor
Image of opening of end of Drilling Motor
Image of right end of Drilling Motor

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