Vector Series 36H Drilling Motor

The Vector Series 36H drilling motor bearing pack provides high torque capability with 100% of the drilling fluid passing directly to the bit.


The Vector™ Series 36H bearing pack technology from NOV is an advancement over our Series 36 bearing pack. The fully sealed bearing assembly extends drilling motor bearing life and maximizes bit hydraulics.

The design incorporates the next generation universal joint design, featuring torque transferring faces and a driveshaft that is up to 25% larger in diameter. The larger driveshaft enables the motor to provide exceptional torque capability and reliability. Combined with 100% flow-through-the-bit technology, this allows for maximum drilling efficiency.


  • Sealed, oil-lubricated bearing assembly
  • 100% flow to bit – no bypass
  • Increased capacity on the bearing mandrel and patent pending driveshaft for higher torque power sections
  • New seal boot and seal cap designs
  • Pin-down bearing mandrel option available


  • 100% flow through the bit yields better bit life and hole cleaning
  • Increased ROP
  • Ideal for long lateral applications
  • No signal loss when running MWD pulser below motor
  • Better suited for fluids with higher solid content
  • No flow restrictor wear
  • Vector Series 36H Bearing Pack Technical Summary

Vector Series 36 Drilling Motor
Vector Series 36 Drilling Motor

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