Vector Series 40 Bearing Pack

The Vector Series 40 bearing pack provides higher weight-on-bit capacity, can withstand higher levels of radial loading, and can be run in the highest-temperature applications.

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The Vector™ Series 40 bearing pack technology provides higher weight-on-bit (WOB) capacity. Capable of withstanding higher levels of radial loading, the technology can be run in the highest-temperature applications. The mud-lubricated bearing stack is composed of high-strength ball bearings that are radially supported over its entire length. The patented Twin Torque Nut allows for higher-torque power sections.


  • Mud-lubricated bearing technology ideal for any temperature and mud type
  • Maximum operating temperature limited only by power section
  • Tensile or compression load supported by multiple rows of bidirectional angular contact bearings
  • Provides extended operating hours
  • Provides higher operating torques 
  • Ideal for higher bottomhole temperatures
  • Enables higher WOB capacity
  • Ideal for remote locations; easily serviced
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