Vector Series 50 Drilling Motor close-up

Vector Series 50 Drilling Motor

The Vector Series 50 drilling motor provides strength and reliability with a short bit-to-bend, allowing superior directional performance and the ability to drill a curve and lateral in a single run.

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The Vector™ Series 50 drilling motor incorporates the next-generation universal joint design, which features torque-transferring faces and a driveshaft that is up to 25% larger in diameter. The larger driveshaft enables the motor to provide exceptional torque capability and reliability. Combined with 100% flow-through-the-bit technology, this allows for maximum drilling efficiency. The short bit-to-bend bearing pack features an oil life equivalent to our previous full-length assemblies, providing the ability to reach total depth (TD). A locking feature prevents the adjustable assembly from being set incorrectly on the rig floor, reducing downtime at the rig.


  • Faster drilling – Designed to achieve high rate of penetration (ROP)
  • Shorter bit-to-bend – Allows for superior directional performance
  • Increased strength – 35 to 68% stronger than our previous-generation motor technology
  • Extreme durability – Redesigned internally, connections minimized, and components mechanically locked
  • Locking feature – Bend angle cannot be set incorrectly on the rig floor


  • High torque
  • Interbedded or hard formations
  • Curved
  • Lateral
  • Vertical
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  • Vector Series 50 Drilling Motor Tool Specification
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