Vector Series 50 SelectShift Downhole Adjustable Motor

A downhole motor with a motor bend setting adjustment that saves you time and money by optimizing critical drilling parameters and increasing rate of penetration

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The SelectShift™ downhole adjustable motor offers downhole adjustment of the motor bend setting, saving time and money by eliminating trips and optimizing critical drilling parameters. 

Adjusting the motor bend setting while downhole improves hole quality and increases rate of penetration throughout all sections of the well. SelectShift improves rate of penetration drilling by increasing the rotary/bit revolutions per minute (rpm) in the straight position, extending well reach and reducing side-loading of the bit. This design builds off Vector™ Series 50 motor technology, providing industry-leading torque output capability, 100% flow to the drill bit, and reduced bit-to-bend length.

Being able to change the motor bend setting downhole provides additional benefits. In the straight setting, the downhole motor limits hole tortuosity and aids in hole cleaning. The downhole motor offers more bend when faster correction is needed.

  • 5.25 SelectShift Downhole Adj Motor Spec Sheet
  • 7.125 SelectShift Downhole Adj Motor Spec Sheet
Render of the Vector Series 50 SelectShift Downhole Adjustable Motor while downhole; blue motor on brown earth background

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