VectorZIEL Rotary Steerable System in a NOV manufacturing facility

VectorZIEL Rotary Steerable System

Achieve higher rate of penetration, improved cuttings removal, and precise trajectory control.

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The VectorZIEL RSS is an automatic steering tool for three-dimensional drilling. Offering a higher rate of penetration, improved cuttings removal, and precise trajectory control, the system helps you produce higher-quality boreholes at reduced operational costs.

We have developed and refined a premium RSS over the course of the past two decades, culminating in the release of the VectorZIEL system. The VectorZIEL system offers reliable and precise directional control in even the most demanding drilling applications. The system is available for purchase or rent and is supported by NOV's global maintenance infrastructure, enabling directional drillers to offer high-tier directional drilling services around the world.


  • Integrated measurement-while-drilling (MWD) system for real-time feedback while drilling
  • Near-bit inclination, azimuth, and gamma measurements
  • Closed-loop trajectory control, which requires minimal intervention from surface
  • Automated downlinking using surface downlink skid
  • Can be combined with our MWD and logging-while-drilling (LWD) tool portfolio for an integrated directional drilling and logging bottomhole assembly
  • VectorZIEL Rotary Steerable System-Spec Sheet
  • VectorZIEL and VectorEXAKT Rotary Steerable Systems-Flyer
  • VectorZiel Rotary Steerable System Successfully Drills 2,200-ft in China-Case Study

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