Venting and Glycol Injection Valve

Reduce non-productive time and operational costs with venting and glycol injection.


Optimal solution for pressure testing operations.

The Elmar™ venting and glycol injection valve ensures that the air is effectively vented, providing solid first-time test and faster settling times, and allows faster filling or draining of the riser, consequently reducing non-productive time. This valve is designed to save rig time while pressure testing the wireline pressure control equipment string by removing trapped and entrained air.

With an integral and replaceable check valve that eliminates well pressure return to the injection unit, the venting and glycol injection valve combats challenging well conditions, supplying glycol injection directly to the trouble spot, and can be used in conjunction with a quick test sub for maximum operational time savings.

The venting and glycol injection valve can be controlled from a test pump unit and has three functions:

  • Before pumping commences, hydraulic pressure is applied, which opens the vent valve and allows air to escape, making the filling operation quicker. Once escaping fluid is observed, the valve is closed, allowing the operator to pressure test with confidence that no air is trapped.
  • When bleeding down the lubricator, the valve can be opened to let air back into the system, allowing quicker fluid discharge.
  • Glycol can be injected below the grease head—the point most effective in preventing the formation of hydrates.
  • Elmar Product Catalog

Elmar Vent Valve with Glycol Facility
Elmar Lightweight String with Vental Valve

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