Venturi Junk Basket

Retrieve debris from your wellbore with our venturi junk basket. 


The venturi junk basket retrieves junk and debris from the wellbore. When fluid is pumped through the string of the coiled tubing and out through the nozzles in the venturi chamber, a vacuum is created in the venturi chamber. Fluid sucked from the bottom of the tool exits back through the venturi tubes. Most of this fluid mixes with the pressurized fluid to be recirculated around the bottom of the tool.

The tool may be used with fluid, nitrogenated fluids, or gases. The nozzles in the tool may be changed out for the available pump rate, fluid, or gas. A debris filter screen placed before the venturi chamber prevents debris from blocking the venturi tubes.

A hollow magnetic section with a finger-type trap catches junk and debris, which are then carried from the well inside the tool.

Barrel extensions are available to increase the volume of junk that may be carried.

The tool is not dependent on hole size to work, so a 3⅛-in. OD tool could retrieve debris from 7-in. casing.

When ordering venturi junk baskets, please specify size and thread connection.

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