Voyager Frac Sleeve

Voyager frac sleeve ball-drop-activated multistage fracturing sleeves are designed for cemented, openhole, multiple open/close, and openhole horizontal completions.

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The Voyager™ frac sleeve is a ball-drop-activated multistage fracturing sleeve specifically designed for openhole conditions. For each ball pumped from surface, a corresponding sleeve downhole is opened, allowing communication between the casing inside diameter (ID) and the formation of interest. The stimulation operation is continuous, with balls of increasing outside diameter (OD) being pumped from surface as the operation works towards the heel of the wellbore.

SPE papers:


  • Ball-drop operated
  • Flow port area equivalent to or greater than casing flow area
  • Internal sleeve open to prevent unintentional closing
  • Field-adjustable activation pressure
  • LTC connections standard (premium connections available)


  • Millable cast-iron ball seats can be milled in either the open or closed position
  • Compatible with dissolvable frac ball technology, allowing production operations to begin with no well intervention


  • Fracturing/stimulation
  • Production
  • Injection
  • Voyager Frac System Frac Sleeve Data Sheet
  • Voyager BD Single Open Frac Sleeve Data Sheet
  • Voyager BD Multi Open Close Frac Sleeve Data Sheet
  • Voyager 450 OH System Case Study
  • Lower Completions Portfolio
Vertical render of a i-Frac OHS Sleeve

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