VSM Multi-Sizer Separator

The reliable, operator-friendly BRANDT VSM Multi-Sizer separator provides high performance and flexibility for modern-day drilling practices.


The BRANDT™ VSM™ Multi-Sizer separator is the first to introduce Constant-G Control™ to provide optimum performance to meet drilling rates and separation efficiency.

Constant-G Control

Constant-G Control (CGC) is a patented technology developed to maintain an optimal G-force rating on the VSM Multi-Sizer separator during varying liquid/solids loading conditions. CGC technology maximizes screen performance, solids conveyance, and throughput while enhancing screen life. CGC is an industry first and a standard feature on the VSM Multi-Sizer.

With the addition of an accelerometer on the basket tied to the variable-frequency drive (VFD) operating the drive motors, the VFD can constantly monitor the Multi-Sizer separator’s G-force and adjust the motor speed to maintain the G-force at predetermined setpoints depending on fluid and solids loading on the basket. The Multi-Sizer separator runs at a lower G-force and reduces wear on screens and components while operating with little solids loading. When loading becomes more extreme and higher G’s are needed to process all the drilling fluid, the Multi-Sizer separator automatically ramps up to a higher G-force.

The VSM Multi-Sizer separator also offers a flexible flow (Flex-Flow) system able to run in two unique operating modes: “in-series” and “in-parallel.” Changing modes is easily accomplished with an adjustable flow diverter.

“In-Series” Operating Mode

The primary function of the VSM Multi-Sizer separator, while in the in-series mode, is to collect lost-circulation and/or wellbore stabilization materials. In this mode, each of the three screening decks is equipped with screens of differing API designations. The Scalping Deck is outfitted with screens for coarse solids removal. Primary Deck 1 is outfitted with API-designated screens that enable the collection of the desired recoverable solids, such as lost-circulation or wellbore stabilization materials. The desired material is conveyed off the screens of Primary Deck 1 and into a collection trough. The trough is angled to route the collected material down two recovery trough sections of the machine and into the sump and active mud system. Primary Deck 2 is outfitted with API-designated screens that enable the removal of low-gravity solids and other fines.

“In-Parallel” Operating Mode

The primary function of the VSM Multi-Sizer separator, while in the in-parallel mode, is to maximize screening capacity and throughput. The Scalping Deck is outfitted with screens for coarse solids removal, while Primary Deck 1 and Primary Deck 2 are outfitted with screens of the same API designation. An adjustable overflow weir routes any overflow from Primary Deck 1 to Primary Deck 2. This adjustable weir enables control of the fluid endpoint on Primary Deck 1. Once the desired fluid endpoint is reached on Primary Deck 2, flow is maximized. When operating in the in-parallel mode, the built-in recovery trough on the end of Primary Deck 1 is closed, enabling discharge of solids. The design of this trough enables the user to easily switch between collection and disposal modes with no special tools.

Composite Materials

The VSM Multi-Sizer separator provides an improved power-to-weight ratio using composite materials (patented) throughout the vibration basket, offering an improved G-force rating without the need for increased horsepower requirements. Composite materials also provide exceptional corrosion resistance in high fluid-flow areas.

The VSM Multi-Sizer separator features balanced elliptical motion to effectively separate solids from liquid. Screen changes are quickly facilitated with the field-proven Pneumoseal™ clamping and sealing system. The HVAC hood, a standard feature on the VSM Multi-Sizer separator, routes hazardous fumes away from the unit and into a ventilation system.


  • Constant-G Control (CGC)
    • Improves flow capacity, constant solids conveyance, and finer screening capability
    • Maintains an optimum G-force rating during variable liquid/solids loading conditions
  • "In-parallel" operational mode
    • Doubles the effective screening area for increased capacity of fine solids removal
    • Allows for finer screening and higher flow rates
  • "In-series" operational mode
    • Enables classification of solids by using screens of varying API designations on each respective deck
    • Enables the recovery of designer solids, including lost-circulation material (LCM)
    • Enables finer screens and higher flow rates
  • Manual flow diverter
    • Enables easy switching between "in-series" and "in-parallel" operational modes by a single operator with no tools required
  • Pneumoseal clamping and sealing system
    • Ensures screens are properly secured to the shaker basket; ensures quick and easy screen changes
  • Three-screening decks design (scalping, first primary, second primary)
    • Provides increased screening area; ensures higher flow; ensures classification of solids
  • 73 ft² (6.79 m²) of screening area
    • Provides the highest amount of primary fine screening area on the market
  • Built-in recovery trough on first primary deck
    • Ensures easy switching between the collection and disposal of solids in the different modes:
      • “In-series”: collection
      • “In-parallel”: disposal
  • Balanced-elliptical motion
    • Ensures the easy removal of large, sticky, hydrated clays and other troublesome solids
    • Ensures improved solids conveyance in situations where reactive formations are encountered
    • Minimizes solids degradation; improves screen life; minimizes likelihood of screen blinding
  • Finely tuned motor-weight balancing
    • Ensures optimal solids conveyance by providing a consistent, balanced elliptical motion and stroke profile under varying basket-loading conditions
    • Different-sized weights compensate for the differing distances of elliptical motion, thus maintaining balance
  • Vibratory drive system
    • Reliable, easy to maintain, low operating cost canister motor drive system
  • Scalping deck enables inspection of the first primary deck screens
    • Designed and sized to enable quick and easy inspection of first primary deck screen’s condition
  • Flexible feed arrangement (either flow divider or shallow header tank)
    • Ensures even distribution of drilling fluid to all separators in the system
  • Low spare parts inventory
    • Provides cost savings
  • HVAC hood
    • Routes hazardous fumes away from the unit and into a ventilation system for safe transfer away from personnel

VSM Multi Sizer Separator

*Varies with optional customization. Typical values shown for flow divider. Please contact a BRANDT representative for specific dimension and weight information.
Dimensions (L x W x H)* 90 x 78 x 68 in (2272 x 1979 x 1719 mm)
Weir height 45 in. (1143 mm)
Weight* 6035 lbs (2743 kg) – Feed box option
Basket angle Fixed
Scalping deck angle +2°
First primary deck angle +7°
Second primary deck angle +7°
Total screening area 73 ft² (6.79 m²)
Scalping deck screening area 20.6 ft² (1.91 m²) - (3 screens)
First primary deck screening area 26.2 ft² (2.44 m²) - (4 screens)
Second primary deck screening area 26.2 ft² (2.44 m²) - (4 screens)
Screen type Pretension; Repairable
Screen-securing system Pneumoseal (air-operated; quick release)
Motor type (2) Totally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV)
Motor power (each) 4 hp (3 kw)
Vibration motion Balanced elliptical
G-force (information available upon request)
Electrical requirements 380–480 V VAC/3-Phase/50 or 60 Hz
Compressed air requirements 85–90 psi
Compressed air capacity 0.01 m³/min (0.5 ft³/min)


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