VX Connections

Higher torque, improved hydraulics, and lower total cost of ownership


Extended reach, horizontal drilling and HPHT drilling conditions expose drill pipe to levels of stress that largely exceed the capacity of standard API connections. To improve drilling efficiency, brought by optimized hydraulics, to reduce risk and total cost of ownership, it is crucial to select the proper drill pipe connection.

Our VX double-shouldered connection is designed to withstand today’s challenging drilling operations by providing higher torque capacity for drilling extended reach wells. VX™ connections also contribute to simplifying operations with their proprietary thread profile that reduces damages, thus reducing the amount of connection repairs.

Superior Performance

While the primary torque shoulder provides a seal and an initial preload during makeup to full recommended torque, the secondary torque shoulder provides the targeted higher torque capacity. The thread design maximizes the contact area at stab-in, to better support the weight of the stand before the connection is spun and is optimized to prevent wedging of thread crests. Finally, the elliptical root geometry minimizes stress concentration to promote improved fatigue resistance.


  • A proprietary thread form that reduces the possibility of damage to the connection in service and gives it enhanced fatigue resistance
  • A connection geometry that allows for deep stab-in and reduces the number of turns in spinning
  • High strength material to promote higher performance and allow streamlining


With a deep stab, more threads engage quickly, providing quick and sound makeup of the connections, saving costly rig time.

  • Higher torque – Torque capacity averages 150 – 200% compared to API connections
  • Improved hydraulics – Streamline profile provides improved hydraulics and annular clearance
  • Fast makeup – 6-7 turns from stab to full makeup
  • User friendly – eliminates the need for stabbing/de-stabbing guides
  • Rugged – thread profile reduces wedging and thread damage, reducing recut rate



Grant Prideco VX Configurations

The following table shows the most representative configurations utilized for VX connections. For performance values or further product descriptions, please contact your local Grant Prideco Sales representative.

Pipe OD (in)

Nominal Weight (lb/ft)


Tool Joint OD x ID (in)

Recommended MUT (ft-lb)



VX 38

4.750 x 2.563




VX 39

5.000 x 2.688




VX 43

5.375 x 3.000




VX 46

6.250 x 3.500




VX 50

6.500 x 3.750




VX 54

6.750 x 4.000




VX 57

7.000 x 4.250




VX 57

7.000 x 4.250




VX 65

8.250 x 5.250


  • Grant Prideco Express (VX) Connection Flyer

  • Grant Prideco Express (VX) Connection Flyer A4

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