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Wagner Instrumentation

A comprehensive line of hydraulic instrumentation and systems for the rigsite.

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With more than 110 years of experience, Wagner Instrumentation has earned a reputation for supplying custom and standard instrumentation to domestic and international oil fields. Our offerings support rigs worldwide as part of the NOV global family by supplementing the offerings of the M/D Totco group. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales team is ready to assess and identify your custom needs in a timely manner. We offer a quick turnaround with hundreds of parts in stock and ready to ship, reducing your downtime.

Wagner Instrumentation offers a comprehensive line of hydraulic instrumentation and systems with the built-in durability and accuracy needed to solve drilling and workover problems. Our focus on safety is an ever-present quality in our products and services. We ensure all parts, components, and assemblies offered conform to rigid contract and design documents to ensure full compliance with customer requirements. All our programs are designed to meet the requirements of the latest revision of ISO-9001.

Our comprehensive line of hydraulic instrumentation and systems includes:

  • Weight indicators
  • Rotary torque systems
  • Tong torque and tong line pull indication systems
  • Tachometer systems
  • Mud pressure systems
  • Recorders
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