WaterWolf Dynamic Oil Recovery System

WaterWolf Dynamic Oil Recovery System

The WaterWolf is a revolutionary water treatment system that recovers oil and suspended solids from produced water in a single stage of treatment, without chemicals or filters. The WaterWolf truly separates itself from the pack.

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Launched in 2015, the WaterWolf™ Dynamic Oil Recovery (DOR) system is now available in two sizes: DOR 175 and DOR 500. Our higher-capacity model (DOR 500) can handle up to 50,000 BWPD. The WaterWolf system recovers oil and suspended solids from produced water in a single stage of treatment without the use of chemicals or filters.

Recover more oil

The WaterWolf recovers more usable hydrocarbons than traditional methods—as much as 20 additional barrels of oil for every 10,000 barrels of water produced. More oil recovered in the process means less hazardous waste to treat, store, transport, and dispose of later. (Not to mention more money in your pocket.)

Cut out chemicals

Commonly used water treatment chemicals can contaminate recoverable oil, creating an unsellable sludge. Plus, residual chemicals can reduce well injectivity. Our patented dynamic-loop hydrocyclone technology uses physics to separate oil, eliminating or reducing the need for these expensive, detrimental treatment chemicals altogether.

Increase revenue

Reduced chemical usage, lower well injection pressures, less frequent well workovers, and simplified operations translate into lower operating costs. The total cost reduction using the WaterWolf DOR system versus conventional methods can range from 5 to 15 cents per barrel of water treated.

Safer operation

The WaterWolf DOR system treats produced water under pressure, minimizing or eliminating tanks that can be a major source of air emissions. By keeping solids out of water tanks, the WaterWolf also eliminates hazardous and messy confined-space entry-tank cleaning jobs. Cleaner air and safer working conditions are better for the environment, neighboring communities, and plant personnel.

Small footprint

The skid-mounted system reduces and/or eliminates the need for multiple skim-tank configurations and gas flotation devices. Plus, the WaterWolf is light and compact enough to be shipped by standard container or flatbed truck. Most installations can be completed in one day.

Extended well life

Reducing the cost to handle a barrel of water will extend the economic life of a well. Dealing efficiently with high water production keeps more wells producing longer—with cleaner, safer, and more profitable results.

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WaterWolf technicians at work
WaterWolf Technician working on equipment
WaterWolf Dynamic Oil Recovery Sysetm on the job site
WaterWolf Technician making adjustments

Case Study: Rocky Mountain Operator

An 80-year-old field in Wyoming produces 2,500 to 2,800 BOPD. Water production has steadily increased each year, and today the field produces more than 90 barrels of water for every barrel of oil produced—a water cut of almost 99%. Our system was delivered and installed in May 2014 for 18 weeks from May to September. The WaterWolf system recovered an additional 4 barrels of oil from every 10,000 barrels of water treated—an additional 100 BOPD for the field.


  • Recovered an additional 1 to 4 barrels of oil from every 10,000 barrels of water produced. For Spring Creek, this equates to an additional 25 to 100 BOPD. The WaterWolf system proved a range of positive results.
  • Eliminated H2S and CO2 emissions. The dynamic, closed-loop process eliminated air-polluting emissions and associated flaring requirements.
  • Reduced costs to less than $0.01 per barrel of produced water. Because the WaterWolf system eliminates the need for costly chemicals, the treatment costs were significantly lowered.
  • Eliminated excess tanks. The use of our skid-mounted system dramatically reduced the footprint of the water treatment and handling process because skim tanks were no longer needed.
  • Reduced costs and risks of dealing with associated waste. With the WaterWolf's single-stage technology, solids were removed separately from the oil, eliminating oily sludge to be stored and transported off-site. The technology eliminated costly and hazardous tank clean-outs to remove accumulated tank-bottom solids.
WaterWolf Dynamic Oil Recovery System

With crude in the $100 per barrel range, there is more room to make money on a watered-out field. When you start looking at $50 or less, every dropand every microdropletcounts.

Henry Terrell
Contributing Editor, World Oil

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