Well King Pressure Regulators

In order to achieve a complete and tailored configuration for the production service hookup, we offer a safety mechanism to control the overpressure of the production line.


Our Well King™ pressure regulators are available in different configurations to suit your preferred hookup.


  • Liquid or gas service
  • Reduces paraffin by keeping gas in solution
  • Less free gas and better lubrication at the stuffing box
  • Increases pump efficiency by keeping bottom-hole pressure above the bubble point
  • Differential pressure type recommended for systems in which downstream pressure is less than 10% of set pressure
  • All models have ¼-in. NPT pressure port for upstream pressure gauge installation
  • Connections:
    • Standard: 2-in. male LP inlet × single 2-in. female LP outlet
    • Four-way cross: 2-in. male LP inlet × dual 2-in. female LP outlet
    • In-line: 2-in. female LP inlet × single 2-in. female LP outlet
  • External body shell components for all assemblies have a 2,000-psi shell test pressure capability

Optional Sand Trim

  • Carbide-tipped plunger and carbide seat which replaces ball and seat and lower spring keeper
  • Available in 200, 500, 900, and 1,000 psi (not available in 1,500 psi)
  • 10- to 1,000-psi model fully meets NACE MR0175
  • Less vibration
  • Smoother flow
  • More abrasion resistance
  • Greater control sensitivity

Well King Pressure Regulator Specifications

Pressure Range Orifice Ball Size Spring Material
5 to 200 psi 0.875 in. 1.125 in. Monel
10 to 500 psi 0.875 in. 1.125 in. 302 SS
10 to 900 psi 0.875 in. 1.125 in. Carbon steel
10 to 1,000 psi 0.683 in. 1.000 in. Elgiloy
10 to 1,500 psi 0.683 in. 1.000 in. Carbon steel*

*Same spring used in 10- to 900-psi model

  • Production Service Hookup Brochure