Image of a TuboChek well site inspection system with a land rig on the background.

WellChek and TuboChek Wellsite Inspection System

On-site tubing inspection systems that provide real-time inspection data for successful and efficient tubing management


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Tuboscope’s WellChek™ and TuboChekC1D1 self-contained mobile inspection systems run in conjunction with normal tubing pulling operations. These advanced systems provide pipe sequential data with an accurate evaluation of each tube. Each tube’s assessment is available as soon as it clears the inspection head. In addition to a profile of the string as a whole, pipe is classified by standard API or customer specifications. Rejected tubes are laid down, and reusable tubing is set aside in the derrick to be run back downhole. 

WellChek uses Sonoscope EMI for detection of internal and external defects, Isolog™ (gamma source) for accurate wall loss, and eddy current for split detection.

TuboCheckC1D1 is certified and meets Class I, Div. 1 safety standards with intrinsically safe electronics and an encapsulated coil housing. This system delivers an accurate evaluation of each tube using the same proven eddy current-based split detection and Sonoscope EMI for pitting and corrosion detection. Unique to this system, a flux integration method is used for cross-sectional area, calculated rod wear, and a flux-leakage technique for magnetic field discrimination to determine rod strokes.

Defect detection

  • Corrosion pitting
  • Rod wear
  • Wall loss
  • Cracks
  • Erosion
  • Splits
  • Cuts
  • Holes
  • 3D transverse defects

Tubing sizes

  • 2⅜
  • 2⅞
  • 4 in. – TuboChek C1D1 only
  • 4½ in. – TuboChekC1D1 only




  • Professionally trained crew for efficient and safe operations
  • Efficient size changeover and recalibration process
  • Records exact defect and joint location in the well
  • Real-time usable information
  • On-site inspection eliminates need for trucking to inspection facilities
  • Immediate reuse of good tubing
Image of an NOV employee inside a WellChek cabin.
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