WellData and WellData RT Real-Time Systems

Real-time monitoring of drilling information anywhere in the world as if at the wellsite

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The M/D Totco™ WellData application allows you to view designated reports/data for the wells and rigs pertaining to your operations. The well list homepage can be quickly customized for each user to make information processing easier and more efficient. Division groupings can be created within the now customizable fleet view to help users quickly advance through fleet information. The application also allows the user to share the data in a concise and organized manner with other users. Each user has the ability to automate information retrieval. For ease of use, customized drilling data text files can be sent at user selected time intervals. Report customization allows IADC activity codes to be summarized and data for a given date range reported across wells to enable more informed decision making.

Key features of WellData RT include:

  • Compare current and historical wells by depth
  • Offset well comparison
  • Create configurable dashboards to display multiple rigs and their data at the same time
  • Add custom calculated and reference channels
  • Quickly and easily customize the EDR screen (color, font, channels, uom, etc.) and create user profiles
  • View the current BHA and pipe tally as well as the active joint tracking out of the hole during trip event
  • Summary of survey notes displays on the Real Time Directional Survey screen
  • TVD monitoring provides visualization needed to monitor, manage, and optimize the drilling and placement of non-vertical wells
  • Alert notifications provide instant notification by email when user defined limits are passed
  • Messaging allows office to message rig personnel and view previous chat history
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