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Wilco Services

Our team has extensive experience in various industries and can provide high-tech solutions to complex mechanical design and development problems.

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Wilco services include engineering and design services, fabrication, welding, machining, and paint and coatings.

Engineering and design services

Our team has extensive experience in various industries and can provide high-tech solutions to complex mechanical design and development problems. We provide highly skilled solutions performed with the latest design tools, including solid modeling and finite elemental analysis (FEA).

Special design expertise:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) trailers, including hazardous materials transports
  • ASME pressure vessels with a wide range of pressure applications
  • Specialty equipment, such as mixing equipment, fluid, and dry bulk handing
  • Lift frames for heavy transportable equipment
  • Dry and wet bulk material storage and blending plants
  • High-structural-strength stationary and rolling equipment
  • Compressed natural gas storage
  • Equipment for tough, durable use


Our sheet metal fabrication has the experience and capabilities to fabricate an extensive array of carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium raw materials. Our sheet metal fabrication equipment includes CNC lasers, CNC press brakes, CNC metal-cutting tables, CNC punch/plasma, shear, plate rolls, and more.


Our Marlow and Duncan, Oklahoma, industrial park facilities hold National Board Certification with U, U2, and R stamps. Our certified welders have broad-based experience in ungsten inert gas (TIG), metal inert gas (MIG), stick, and sub-arc welding procedures, including a high-level expertise in DNV and ABS work. Our facilities include more than 150 individual welding stations and shop bridge crane lift capacity up to 10 tons. 


We have the capability of producing large or small machined components and tools for your business. Our automated CNC machines can handle precision machining projects as well as large-volume projects. Our lathe capabilities can chuck up to 32 in. with 125-in. work length (7.5-in. through hole), and our mills have four-axis capabilities with up to 50-in. x 24-in. tables.


We have over 150,000 ft2 of floor space dedicated to medium- and heavy-equipment assembly processes, including 10-ton bridge crane lift capability. Experienced assembly technicians and electricians focus on superior quality when building hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems to ensure the finished product always meets or exceeds your expectations.

Paint and coatings

Our paint and coatings facilities include multiple drive-through booths ranging in size from 50 to 100 ft in length, as well as a dedicated paint carousel for handling small components. Our industrial painting processes are capable of applying all industrial inland or marine offshore coatings. Metal profiles are accomplished with steel grit as well as traditional aggregates.

We provide the following services:

  • National Board and jurisdictional inspections and repairs on ASME-code vessels per National Board Inspection Code 
  • On-site ultrasonic testing (UT) and inspections based on either National Board requirements (10 years or one-half service life of vessel), jurisdictional requirements, or your company's standards
  • Code repairs on-site, including on-site vessel post-repair testing and sign-off by National Board commissioned inspector
  • Affixing repair identification plate with R stamp as required
  • On-site services provided by National Board-certified personnel
  • National Board and jurisdictional documentation services
  • Creating and distributing testing, inspection, and repair documentation to the National Board, jurisdiction authorities, and your company as required
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Painting and Coatings
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Over 250,000 sq. ft. of Manufacturing Space
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Engineering and Design Services
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Highly Trained Professionals

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