Wired Drilling Tools

NOV Downhole Technology is fully integrated into the Intelliserv broadband network with upward of 95% reliability and network uptime. The Intelliserv wired drill pipe network enables instantaneous andH bi-directional transmission of downhole data while drilling. Rig time is saved as surveys, downlinks, slide orientations and other data driven activities are performed in a manner of seconds versus minutes with conventional telemetry.


NOV Downhole provides a variety of wired downhole tools to support our customers using Wired Pipe in their projects around the world including jars, Agitators, Circulating Subs, and Intensifiers across different sizes and with a variety of different connections.

While some of these devices are passive (merely transmit data as part of the network), NOV Downhole has multiple projects designing and building smart devices that can also be activated via the IntelliServ Network.

  • 5 inch Wired Jet Sub with wXT39 Connections and Integrated Float Spec Sheet

  • 6.625 inch Wired Jet Sub with DS50 Connection and Integrated Float Spec Sheet

  • Wired Double-Acting Hydraulic Jar Intensifier Tools Spec Sheet

  • Wired Griffith HMJ Spec Sheet

  • Wired GriffithForce DA HJ Spec Sheet

  • Wired Jet Sub with Integrated Float Spec Sheet

  • Wired MOCS G2 Spec Sheet

  • Wired ShockForce Drilling Jar Spec Sheet

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