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A WL Unit is attached to a truck bed

Wireline Frac Solutions

From field-proven Artex trucks to lightweight well pressure control equipment, we offer all the wireline equipment to make you successful on the frac site.

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Hard-working wireline frac crews need tough equipment built for reliability, easy maintenance, and top performance. Our wide range of wireline frac products are engineered and built to the highest standards, giving you the benefits of durability in a compact and lightweight design.


Slick Cable Pack-Off Dimensions and Weights

Working pressure Height Weight
10,000 psi 26 in. (67 cm) 50 lb (23 kg)
15,000 psi 24 in. (62 cm) 46 lb (21 kg)

Slick Cable Pack-off Part Numbers

Note: Various lower adapters are available to suit your existing quick union needs. Line size to be specified at time of ordering.

Part Number Working pressure Service Lower connection Seal kit
L-9701048319 10,000 psi H₂S (2.500 in.) Elmar L-9701048319K
L-9701048644 15,000 psi H₂S 33/8"-8thd (2.720 in.) Elmar L-9701048644K
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A Slick Cable Pack Off stands on pavement

Slick-cable pack-off

Our 10,000- and 15,000-psi slick-cable pack-offs are designed to seal against moving slick-jacketed cable under pressure.

The patent-pending lightweight slick-cable pack-off works by squeezing either of two independent seal assemblies that are wrapped around the wire. The upper element is used as the primary barrier, with the lower element providing backup; lubricant can be injected above each element. The line wiper rubber is fitted at the top of the pack-off to clean the wire and keep the wireline pressure control equipment (WPCE) clean.

Additionally, the pack-off features an integrated ball check valve and lower line wiper to ensure lubrication oil is retained and well debris kept out. The pack-off is uniquely designed to ensure that the operator is always in control of the pack-off, facilitating fine control of breakaway cable friction during initial in-hole movement without loss of control.

The lightweight slick-cable pack-off can be rated for up to 15,000 psi working pressure (WP; for static cable) and H₂S service and is designed so that the rubber elements in direct contact with the wire can be easily replaced. It is available with full material traceability and third-party certification.

A small combination control unit can be used to operate all features. Alternatively, two hand pumps and hoses operate the packing elements while two further pumps and hoses provide lubricant.


  • Temperature class: P-V -20 to 250 °F (-29 to 121 °C)
  • Material class: DD, sour service
  • Designed for smooth-surface jacketed (slick) cable
  • 9701048319 rated to 10,000-psi WP (15,000-psi test pressure)
  • 9701048644 rated to 15,000-psi WP (22,500-psi test pressure)
  • Hydraulic pressure up to 10,000-psi WP

Slick-cable pack-off control module

The air-operated control unit neatly delivers all required functions in one easy-to-operate package. The unit features three air pumps—one for each function; in addition, each circuit has a hand pump in case of air failure. The unit provides pressure for each pack-off piston, and lubrication oil minimizes friction and packing wear.

A closeup of a Quick Latch as part of the Wireline Frac Solutions line

Elmar QuickLatch

Our new Elmar™ QuickLatch™ connector makes a fast, safe connection when you need it most. Minimize delays on the frac site and keep your people safe with the integrated speed and safety features. The QuickLatch has a unique combined quick test/load test feature and an interlock, preventing inadvertent opening when well pressure is present.

QuickLatch standard

Our compact QuickLatch connector features a single external moving piston to maximize reliability and keep the mechanism safe from handling damage.

The standard orientation features the stinger pin on PCE quick connect; this facilitates applications for which night cap installation is required. Its weight is 396 kg including the night cap.

QuickLatch with night cap arm

The night cap is easily removed and fitted using the control module with the night cap arm system. Robust and simple hydraulic cylinders retract the night cap and rotate it to a storage pot for safe keeping during operations. No parts of the night cap arm system protrude above the entry guide when the cap is removed, making it easier for your crane operators when stabbing the PCE.

QuickLatch inverted

When your operations don’t require night caps, our inverted QuickLatch reduces your equipment cost. Connected to the PCE, and with the stinger pin on the well head, a single latch can be used for all the wells on the pad. This single latch allows a simpler, low-cost control module to complete your cost reductions.


Presence of well pressure within the QuickLatch is shown by a red indicator built into the smart manifold block, which can be seen through a Perspex® window. When in the unlatched position, the yellow marker is visible, while there is no indicator visible when latched.

QuickLatch control module

Our QuickLatch control module (QLCM) is an aluminum skid-based, diesel-powered control module. The QLCM is designed to operate a QuickLatch and night cap arm on up to four independent wellheads.

A render of a 12,500 psi PCE Wireline Frac tool

12,500 psi wireline pressure control equipment string

We have introduced a 12,500-psi, 5⅛-in. ID wireline pressure control set in response to demand from service companies who conduct pump-down operations on unconventional wells. Some components such as the pump-in sub, tool trap, and quick test sub are 60% lighter than the 15,000-psi equivalent and reduce the crane load rating requirement.

High-strength low-alloy steel compliant to API 6A and NACE MR0175 is used in the union ends and integral lubricators, with the remainder of the equipment based on re-engineered 15,000-psi products, enabling the sharing of many key ancillary components between sets and reducing the required spares stockholding for Elmar customers. The wireline valve can be fitted with Elmar’s ground-breaking and patented constrictor inner seals, which are the only third-party certified wireline inner seals on the market.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight equipment reduces crane requirements
  • 12,500 psi to suit frac pressures
  • High-grip collars
  • Optional patented constrictor seals
A render of a WPCE Trailer as part of the Wireline Frac Solutions line

WPCE trailer unit

Make sure nothing gets left behind and haul all the gear you need to get the job done on one trailer unit. Our gooseneck WPCE trailers can be custom configured to suit the equipment you need in the field. Whether you need a QuickLatch connector set and control module or a full WPCE string, we will make the trailer that suits you and maximizes your efficiency.

Generous deck space and high-capacity axles and brakes with a 30,000-lb load rating enable us to configure the trailer to your requirements. Attention to detail makes a difference; with our careful engineering and weight distribution you will have a trailer that is easily towed and safe on the highway. Finished in your colors, these trailers make a statement on the professionalism and commitment to efficiency you bring to the job.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom configuration to suit your WPCE needs
  • High-capacity trailer with heavy-duty axles and brakes
  • Anti-slip surfaces, hand rails, and access steps to minimize accidents in the field
  • Balanced weight distribution for easy and safe towing
A render of a Frac Ball Launcher as part of the WIreline Frac Solutions line

Frac-ball launcher

Our compact frac-ball launcher can be mounted to a wireline valve or pump-in sub and holds up to 10 frac balls from 1.5 to 2.38 in., giving you maximum flexibility in your plug-and-perf equipment layout. Balls are easily loaded through the quick union cap, minimizing downtime. Once loaded, frac balls are reliably launched one at a time with a robust and simple hydraulic mechanism that can be driven from most commonly available hydraulic-control modules or with a dedicated control line on our QuickLatch control module.

Generous deck space and high-capacity axles and brakes with a 30,000-lb load rating enable us to configure the trailer to your requirements. Attention to detail makes a difference; with our careful engineering and weight distribution you will have a trailer that is easily towed and safe on the highway. Finished in your colors, these trailers make a statement on the professionalism and commitment to efficiency you bring to the job.

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