Wireline Lubricators and Risers

Enable the wireline tool string to be introduced or retrieved from a wellbore under pressure


Lubricators are a vital piece of equipment designed to enable the wireline tool string to be introduced or retrieved from a wellbore under pressure and are typically positioned above the wireline valve, tool trap, or quick test sub.

We offer lubricators in various constructions to meet your operational needs, and they are available to cover all API recognized working pressures using industry-recognized connections. Typical standard lengths range from 2 to 10 ft long with the ability to increase if operations dictate.

We can supply all lubricators with bleed down ports as an option, commonly ½-in. NPT for up to 10,000-psi working pressure and 9/16-in. AEHP for above.

Lightweight lubricators

Our lightweight wireline lubricators help maximize the use of your wireline pressure control equipment (WPCE) assets and reduce your operational costs. Lightweight for easy handling or where lifting capacity is reduced, with pressure ratings of 10,000 and 15,000 psi, and suitable for use in H2S environments, these field-proven lubricators can be used in most intervention applications and are up to 70% lighter than conventional lubricators. Reduce your maintenance costs and extend your asset’s operationsl life with our lightweight wireline lubricators designed with NACE compliant stainless tubes and corrosion-resistant materials and coatings.

Threaded union wireline lubricators

Our threaded union wireline lubricators provide a cost-effective solution and can be easily configured as a crossover lubricator since the threaded design allows for different upper and lower adapters.

Integral union lubricators

Integral union lubricators are a heavy choice and provide the minimum number of leak paths and reduced maintenance requirements of any lubricator design.

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