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Image of a quick test sub focused on the center of the part

Wireline Quick Test Sub

Ensure integrity of your well pressure string throughout operations while reducing NPT and saving operational costs

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The Elmar™ quick test sub (QTS) saves rig time and reduces non-productive time (NPT) during the process of pressure testing the wireline pressure control equipment string when multiple wireline runs are required.

Our QTS is inserted either above or below the wireline valve, at the position of the joint normally opened to insert and retrieve tools from the well. Once the first pressure test to validate the integrity of the whole string is completed, the QTS allows for subsequent easy and quick pressure tests. The integrity of the joint disconnected is verified by attaching a small hydraulic hand pump to the QTS and testing the joint o-ring seal from the outside, saving an estimated 30 minutes of the time needed to pressure test the string at each subsequent test.

Third-party certified and fully traceable, our QTS eliminates risks of pressure testing with perforating guns, saves on glycol, and reduces the contamination of the well with test fluids.

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