WireRight Monitoring and Recording System

Our WireRight system detects diameter errors and lumps, necks, and defects on slickline and E-line during spooling operations to prevent wire breaking.


Our WireRight system is a monitoring and recording device for use in the workshop. The complete system includes the WireRight display, skid-mounted detection system (speed, length, and diameter checks), and optional load cell (providing spooling tension) and sheave. The WireRight system can be used in temperatures between 41 and 113 °F (5 and 45° C).

As the interface between the WireRight system and the operator, the WireRight display sets measurement tolerances and monitors spooling jobs for the WireRight system. It also generates recording files that can be used to create a spooling report or exported to a database file (.csv).

The WireRight display is a rugged, high-brightness, capacitive touchscreen panel with a screen size of 10 in. and a USB connection for data export. Designed for use in harsh environments and outdoor applications, the WireRight display features a robust glass touchscreen with anti-reflective (AR) glass surface treatment to provide superior performance.


  • Detection of lumps, necks, and wire diameter errors
  • Alarm message on display when lump, neck, or diameter error detected
  • Set wire length and reset tension after confirmation
  • Recording of wire length, tension, lumps, necks, and wire diameter errors
  • Set tolerances for minimum and maximum wire diameter as well as lump and neck detection
  • Tension correction by 10-step calibration
  • Imperial and metric display selection
  • Speed, tension, and wire-length sound alarm
  • Output for external sounder connection to make operator aware of detected lumps, necks, and diameter errors on the wire
  • Input of drum, unit, and wire stock ID is available for recording and reporting purposes
  • Download recordings via USB
  • Create a spooling report with SmartOffice or export data to a database file (.csv) using recording files
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A WireRight Monitoring and Recording System with a closed recording unit
A WireRight Monitoring and Recording System without a screen
A WireRight Monitoring and Recording System screen being held by a technician
A WireRight Monitoring and Recording System with an open recording unit

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