X Range Progressing Cavity Pumps

X Range progressive cavity pumps are designed to safely and economically handle explosive emulsions and prill.


The ongoing success of our progressing cavity pump enabled us to develop a pump range with enhanced design features specifically aimed at the explosives industry. By working closely with a market-leading explosives company, we offer a pump to safely and economically handle explosive emulsions and prill.

For plant- and truck-mounted applications and existing equipment replacement, the X Range has three separate designs to benefit the following applications:

  • High solids content
  • Surface transfer
  • Existing equipment retrofit


  • Increased solids handling capability and product quality - Up to 50% solids content
  • One-piece rotor/Flexishaft® design - Eliminates periodic maintenance of the rotor head fixing
  • Reduced maintenance and associated costs
  • Compact design for truck-mounted pumps
  • Positive keyed drive fixing – Eliminates friction and increases safety
  • Selective geometry – Reduces power consumption (up to 20%)
  • Compact X Range Explosives Pump Data Sheet

Image of an explosion courtesy of an X Range Progressing Cavity Pump.

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