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Closeup of threads on XCalibur Connector

XCalibur Connectors

Gas-tight threaded and coupled connector

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XCalibur, a threaded and coupled connector featuring a gas-tight metal-to-metal seal, is the latest addition to the XL Systems family of large diameter casing and connector products.

An integral pin with double start threads and a high strength forged coupling delivers robust performance and 100% pipe body strength in challenging onshore & offshore critical-service casing applications.

Extensive full-scale testing under combined axial, bending, and pressure loads has been completed to API RP 5C5 CAL I with gas. These rigorous tests confirmed that even at worst-case geometric tolerance conditions, XCalibur connectors match full pipe body gas pressure envelopes

Size Range

  • 16” – 24”

Typical Applications

  • Multi-purpose connector for severe applications
  • Casing strings and liner strings with gas pressure sealing requirements
  • Casing for deviated wells
  • Gas storage wells


  • Gas-tight internal metal-to-metal seal
  • Full pipe body strength
  • Torque shoulder
  • High strength forged couplings provide uniform geometry and mechanical properties
  • Double start hooked threads for fast, reliable make-up
  • Economical alternative to weld-on connectors
  • Integral lift shoulder for easy running and handling
  • No mechanical anti-rotation device
  • XCalibur Connectors Product Summary Flyer

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