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XG Gear Pump

Gear pumps are used in the explosives industry as a more cost-effective alternative to move explosive emulsion or matrix where no pressure is involved.

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The X Range was born through a collaboration with major players in this industry, and we worked closely with our customers to expand our Explosives Range to include the XG Gear pump.


  • Stainless steel construction 
  • ISO9001:2008 compliant 
  • Off-the-shelf availability 
  • Fewer moving parts than conventional pumps 
  • Top drive or bottom drive for convenience 
  • Reversible for clearing lines

XG Gear Pump specifications


Up to 116 psi (8 bar)


32 to 122 °F (0 to 50 °C)


300 RPM

Body material

316 Stainless Steel

Lobes material

Fiber-reinforced nitrile


3 in. shaft



  • XG Gear Pump Flyer